Maria Adil

At Samsara, every client is special, and every client deserves the attention a bride to be deserves. When we convince clients to trust our team at Samsara, we make sure to deliver on all things we promised. Maria Adils case was very unique for us. Being a graphic designer herself, Maria was very interactive with her bridal. she had a very specific look that she wanted to go for, her mom however, had different idea’s. The challenge then became to somehow bring mother and daughter on the same page when it came to finalizing her bridal.

After 2 in-depth consultations, and a lot of back and forth between Aunty, our lead designer, and Maria, we finally had a design and concept we all agreed on. Maria was finally ready to place her order. It was pretty cool, the day Maria came to the Samsara studio to see her bridal swatches, she actually bought a photoshopped image of the bridal she had decided to go with. The bridal’s original color was nude pink, and Maria wanted to make sure we see a visual of what she had in mind. We never had a client do that in the past, but we’d be the first to admit, her extra effort of photoshopping the image was really helpful in bringing her vision to life.

I hope we’re not boring you with all this write-up, we know it seems very generic, ill try keeping it a little more realistic and I promise it does get a tiny bit interesting as we go on.

So we move down a couple of weeks, her order is in process and everything is smooth sailing, and we get a call from aunty…”Beta, Maria’s had a change of heart, she loves the bridal she ordered but now there’s another one she saw in your collection that’s appealing to her more”. We thought oh my goodness, what is going on. We worked so hard to create this design for her, and now we’re back at square one. Luckily for Maira, her work wasn’t that far in our production, so we were able to halt her previous idea and quickly replace it with her new idea. This is something we don’t do, but because Maria’s bridal was in its early process, we were able to switch her design do the workings again, and give her exactly what she had envisioned. I think the results speak for themselves.

Maria looked absolutely stunning in her truly bespoke Samsara Couture House Hayal SS Ivory bridal in a Valentino red shade. The change in the shade took the bridal from looking like western attire to something uber traditional Pakistani look perfect for any Barat. We thank Maria and her family from the bottom of our hearts for trusting our team at Samsara. We wish her all the very best in her married life, and we’re so glad you’re a part of our growing Samsara Family! God Bless!