Why Pakistani Chiffon Suits and Dresses Are Hot Trends?

Why Pakistani Chiffon Suits and Dresses Are Hot Trends?

Winter is here. And so are the wedding invites!

The crisp, fresh air, the mellow sunshine, the clear absence of sweat and melting makeup – winter weddings are lovely, especially in Pakistan.

So if you are frantically googling ‘What to wear to a winter wedding?’ or latest fashion trends in Pakistan for weddings’ – then worry not! We have cracked the code. Although velvets or jamawar  look stunning in winters, most of us want a fabric that can be worn all year round. And to be honest – what can be better than chiffon!

 Choosing the Right Fabric

There is a lot to consider when picking the right wedding dress, and knowing what kind of fabrics you like and how they are best worn can make the process less overwhelming. Fabric choice tends to be a very personal one, however, some are better suited for structured designs, others are great for flowing, light looks, and others for larger-than-life lehengas.

One of the lighter fabrics, chiffon is often used as an overlay, in layers, or as an accent detail due to its sheer and transparent style. Made from woven silk or rayon, the matte fabric has a floaty and ethereal vibe perfect for the dreamy bride. The material is appropriate year-round and has been a popular choice since ever.

 Here are a few reasons why chiffon should be your first choice when it comes to formal and party wear:


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A Visual Delight


 If you Google formal wear or directly chiffon dresses, you will see so many gorgeous ensembles made of chiffon. And they all look so nice and flowy. Chiffon is made with a loose plain weave and the resultant flowy quality of the fabric is a definite advantage as the fabric would not cling to the body too much but would still look good as it flows down. You can design loose fitting dresses or gowns with flowy skirts, long and flared sleeves and fluttering ruffles – depending on the new trend dresses in Pakistan 2020.

 Breathable Fabric

The most important strength of chiffon fabric is its breathable characteristic. The special weaving process makes this fabric so breathable. That is why chiffon dresses are hot selling every single year. In addition, chiffon dresses are durable. You can wear them for years.

Available in Different Prints and Colors

 Chiffon has a lustrous shimmery appearance. It is available in the most beautiful prints compared to other fabrics as it takes dyes quite well, especially silk and rayon chiffons. When embroidery or embellishment is done on plain chiffon, it looks beautiful because of its see through appearance.

 Soft Touch 

You will always find chiffon light and soft when touching it with your hands or feeling it with your skin. Many clients decide to buy a chiffon dress after a short touch. And that is another significant reason why people love chiffon dresses so much. People enjoy this wonderful feeling of how chiffon feels.

At Samsara Couture, our job is to provide our clientele with the best experience possible. With us, you are not just clients; you are part of our growing family. Contact us today and let our fashion consultant guide you on the variety of gorgeous fabrics we have.

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