What Colour to Wear on Nikkah, Bridal Wedding Dress Guide

What Colour to Wear on Nikkah, Bridal Wedding Dress Guide

Stumped on what to wear on your Nikkah? You are not alone. Cue bridezilla-esque screams

With so many things on your mind ? choosing what to wear on Nikkah ceremony is definitely the most pressing one. But worry not! Our fashion team will help you find just the right cut, style, fabric and most importantly the RIGHT color to set the mood.

Here is your Nikkah dress color guide to help you make the decision

Ivory, Pearly and Frosted White


Traditionally, the bride-to-be wears a dress in white or cream. For the style savvy bride who can pull off a classic ensemble with an unmatched grace ? Hayal  is the perfect choice. Delicately feminine, the collection is an ode to modernity fused with elegance. The ensembles are hand-embellished and relish perfect glamorous silhouettes for your big day! Every outfit translates an exquisite dream into reality with the unique techniques used in the making of each piece.

Pastel Colors

Our favorite pastel colors include powder blue, soft pink and parrot green as these can create eye-catching looks that break free from tradition but are still timeless. The top pick from our collection Vasl is Makhfi. A beguiling shade of parrot green features floral jaals in hues of pink and lavender, created by artisans with hand done sequins and stones.

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Glamorous Golden

Your Nikkah bridal dress color should reflect your inner glow. Iris redefine elegance and stands out to be an embodiment of a gorgeous interlay of encrusted hand embellishments. The whole dress is covered in sequins, pearls, and rhinestones. The golden hues and silk material makes this perfect for a Nikkah bride. We can proudly say that the dress is an amalgamation of a variety of our signature motifs, fine material and traditional yet contemporary silhouette.  

A Solid Red

Planning your rukhsati on your Nikkah? Well, then red is your color. Our favorite is Haya ? a romantic blend of peach and pink adorned in mukesh heavily embellished pishwaas with leaf motifs and scalloped edges. The look is offset with a beautiful dupatta with an overall jaal of dense flowers and geometric patterns. Be a quintessential Samsara bride.

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Rich colors of Fall

It's hard to beat the rich colors of fall. And we have just the right dress for you. Talaash can really make a statement. After all, this is your Nikkah! A branch-out pattern rendered in gold, pink, and orange accentuates the finer details. Just remember, if you choose these colors try to keep everything else simple and understated, including , accessories and hair so you can let the color speak. Remember, you do not have to stick to the traditional colors for Pakistani Nikkah dresses.

Once you have an idea of what color you will be wearing on your Nikkah, consider how that color will translate throughout the entire function. You want to create synergy, talk to your partner and incorporate the same hue to tie everything together without being overly matchy-matchy.


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