Saniya Shamshad

Saniya Shamshad

Saniya Shamshad, a Pakistani actress chose to be a Samsara bride for her big events. We were thrilled to help her bring her vision to life. From the very first day, she walked into the studio, to the trail and conceptualization, to the end result. It was an absolute pleasure working with this beauty and we thank her for choosing Samsara for her big days.

Saniya walked into the Samsara studio and defined the meaning of love at first sight. Dazed and confused after visiting so many Pakistani designers. She immediately fell in love with the Vasl Emel Barat bridal. She sat down with our design consultants and had a clear vision of what she wanted. Hearing our design philosophy and going through the designs, Saniya chose us to make all her main bridals for Mehndi, Barat, and Walima. 

A lot of time and planning goes into making the perfect bridal. That was our biggest challenge working with Saniya. Her events were just 30 days away so we had an immense task of making 3 unique Pakistani bridals, in a very short time frame. Our team at Samsara worked tirelessly to match her vision. And we left no stone unturned in our effort to make Saniya became THE standout Pakistani bride in the year 2019.

Although designing grandeur Pakistani bridals are no easy task.  There are many variations, from styles to colors to the many different forms of intricate handwork techniques. Each event at our Pakistani weddings represents different themes. Many old customs and traditions are followed. Certain colors and work techniques are used to represent and express these traditions. Staying true to our brand aesthetics and keeping in mind with what Saniya wanted, we immersed ourselves with making Saniya?s dream bridals.

For Saniya?s Mehndi bridal, she decided to opt for a gherara style. She wanted subtle colors, with a traditional feel to it. Our Azal Ashk bridal was the perfect fit. Made with old and intricate hand embroidery techniques, this Samsara bridal was idea.

The barat bridal from our Vasl Collection was the main reason Saniya fell so in love with our work. The Vasl Emel bridal was our classic Samsara take on what we feel a contemporary Pakistani bridal should be. Elegant, traditional, and timeless. Made in the customary style of a lehnga choli. With unmatched craftsmanship on a deep red palette, the detailing and the balance of work make this a one of a kind Samsara bridal. A solitary red rose in-between a field of gold. It?s all in the detail of this Samsara bridal. A vibrant red canvas illustrated with embroidery of birds and floral motifs. It had Saniya in love. 

For the Valima, the Samsara team wanted to keep it a breath of fresh. Our Hayal Ivory bridal was Saniya?s top pick for her Walima.  The beige beautiful bridal is a heavy adornment of sequins, pearls, and everything shiny. The minimal teal contrast goes beautifully with the dull beige. The waist belt adds a stylish twist to the overall formal gown. 

The entire team at Samsara Couture House wishes Saniya all the very best in her married life. It was an experience of a lifetime for us to have worked with such an exceptional human being.

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