Pakistani Mehndi Clothes in UK, USA, Canada

Pakistani Mehndi Clothes in UK, USA, Canada

Pakistani weddings are all about glitz and glamour and celebrations. They are grand affairs consisting of colorful rituals and traditions. A typical Pakistani wedding contains vibrant shades of ceremonies – starting from Dholkis to Valima. In all wedding events, mehndi is the much anticipated event as it is filled with lots of fun and joyful activities like singing and dancing. Choosing the mehndi outfit is a very, very tricky job, especially when you are living abroad. Well, we bring you the season’s trendiest Pakistani Mehndi Outfits UK  here!

How to style yourself on Mehndi

It is not only the Pakistani bridal mehndi outfits but the complete combination of the dress that is created with makeup, jewelry, hairstyle, etc. to create the perfect look that can make your big day memorable. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Mehndi events are all about dances and fun; hence flowy outfits are perfect for this day as you can twirl a lot and get perfect pictures.
  •  Don’t be color bound, think out of the box, and wear whatever color you want to wear or one that looks best on you.
  • If your dress is heavy, keep jewelry and makeup minimal to balance it out.
  • Khussas are ideal for a Mehndi function because they vibe a lot.
  • Flower jewelry should be your first choice on this day because it adds a soft look

Pakistani Mehndi Clothes Inspirations

Bright Lehengas

While much of the world has embraced small, minimalist weddings, keeping the pandemic in mind, Pakistani brides have not compromised on their wedding joras – complete with multiple dupattas embellished in heavy jewels and gold. With less of a budget allotted towards guests and a large venue, more has been given to the bride’s outfit. Of late we have seen the most colorful and heavily-embellished lehengas in intimate weddings. Mehndi events are all about colors, vibrancy, joy, and energy. Whether you’re going to hit the dance floor or to get all set just to take selfies, this is an ideal outfit for you. Add some loose twists to your hair, put on dark make up and finish off with large Jhumkas.

Bright Yellow Outfit

Yellow is the first color that pops in our minds when we think of the word Mehndi. So, ladies! Cut off all the colors and opt for yellow on your Mehndi. Wear an overly pleated flowy yellow dress with silver detailing all over it. Pair it up with a Churidaar pajama and net dupatta featuring embroidered borders. The dress itself is cumbersome to carry hence go easy on the makeup. Wear your hair in a loose bun and add some floral jewelry and a tikka.

Bridal Mehndi Gown

It’s not written on the stone that you have to wear yellow on Mehndi or red on Barat. It’s not a do or die situation but depends totally on your own will. So, why not try something ethereal? Give this look a thought? Wear a slim fit strapless ankle-length dress that is overly embroidered with a fancy palazzo and heavily embroidered dupatta. Go easy on the makeup if you are up for wearing your family jewelry tonight.


Gharara defines female apparel exclusively for festivities. It looks chic, trendy, and never goes out of fashion. Its origin goes way back to olden times when Lucknowi women adorned themselves in multicolored Ghararas. This got picked up by surrounding areas and in advancing times, it has gained much popularity in the female fashion apparel industry. It is commonly worn in Pakistan whether it be a matrimonial event or a party. Without any doubt, any lady dolled up in a Gharara accentuates her beauty and makes her look the prettiest version of herself.

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