Nikkah Dresses For bride 2021

Nikkah Dresses For bride 2021

When it comes to trending Nikkah dresses for bride 2021 , changes in popular silhouettes, necklines and skirt styles happen more often than you would think. Luckily, 2021’s wedding dress trends just so happen to be especially gorgeous. If you had to postpone your 2020 wedding, consider it an opportunity to get yourself a beautiful outfit for your 2021 ceremony instead.

If you are into a minimalist aesthetic with fun fabrics, you are in luck. Of course, a bride’s personal style should dictate her choice, but there are always going to be accents and shapes that are more popular than others are. Simple, clean silhouettes and fabrics have been popular lately, and they are surging for 2021.

Already thinking about your perfect Nikkah dress? Read on for more 2021 wedding dress trends below, plus a recap of what was popular when it comes to Nikkah dresses 2020 Pakistan. 

Ivory, Pearly and Frosted White or a Solid Red

Traditionally, the bride-to-be wears a dress in white or cream. For the style savvy bride who can pull off a classic ensemble with an unmatched grace. Hayal is the perfect choice. Delicately feminine, the collection is an ode to modernity fused with elegance. The ensembles are hand-embellished and relish perfect glamorous silhouettes for your big day! Every outfit translates an exquisite dream into reality with the unique techniques used in the making of each piece.

However, if you are planning your rukhsati on your Nikkah? Well, then red is your color. Our favorite is Arzoo, a timeless pishwaas set on ivory canvas with floral motifs paired with maroon shawl with tilla jaal. A heritage piece with a timeless finish. This piece is the epitome of elegant simplicity. Be a quintessential Samsara bride. You can also opt for a white Nikkah dress with red dupatta to get the best of both the worlds.

Timeless and RomanticSilhouettes 

Timeless and sophisticated is always foolproof. Go for some stunning cuts, like  Miray; then, pair with artful accessories. The dress is a deep and alluring shade of gold layered with a vibrant red dupatta. Covered with dainty hand embellishments on an ethereal hue of gold with hints of red and orange flowers – this is for a bride looking for subtle sophistication. Pair it with diamond cut earrings and simple sandals for a look that is romantic without trying too hard, all while making a chic statement!

Stunning Fabrics

Fabric choice tends to be a very personal one, but it is the style and silhouette of the outfit that will dictate the direction. Some fabrics are better suited for structured designs; others are great for flowing, light looks, and others for larger-than-life gowns. We have a range of fabrics from royal jamwars to organzas to evergreen chiffon. You can browse through our  bridal collections to choose the outfit of your dreams.

At Samsara Couture, our job is to provide our clientele with the best experience possible. With us, you are not just clients; you are part of our growing family. Contact us today and let our fashion consultant guide you on what a bride should wear at a Nikkah ceremony!

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