How to Store Your Wedding Dress

How to Store Your Wedding Dress

Today's brides have plenty of options for what to do with their wedding Dress post-"I do." Some donate or sell their dress. Others re-purpose their wedding dress into a semi-formal attire. Many brides, however, want to hang on to that dress that represents so much love, happiness, and celebration.

That is why wedding dress preservation is so important. A wedding dress is usually intricately designed and extremely delicate, and cannot be cleaned like any old dress. Wedding dress cleaning and preservation are key to making sure your dress lasts a lifetime. If you choose not to preserve your wedding dress, you risk the following:

  •         Yellowing of the fabric
  •         Brown oxidation spots
  •         Mold and mildew growth
  •         Permanent fabric creasing
  •         Embellishment deterioration

Read on for everything you need to know on how to store a wedding dress for 2 years

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If you made it through your special day without any real damage, you are in luck. Chances are, though, that the dress is not heading straight to the cleaners after the reception. To keep it safe in the meantime, here are a few wedding dress-packing ideas for bride:

  1.       Use a garment bag: Wrapping your dress in plastic traps moisture, which means mold and mildew, and plastic also emits fumes that can yellow your gown. Store your wedding dress in best wedding dress storage box away from light.

Garment Archival Storage boxes are constructed from acid-free materials crafted into solid, secure boxes that resist dust, dirt and light infiltration. Most Garment Archival Boxes also include Acid-Free Tissue. Stuff the dress with Acid-Free Tissue to help retain the shape and prevent fiber breakage — be certain to stuff tissue in the arms of the garment as well. Completely wrap the entire surface area in Acid-Free Tissue as well so that no part is exposed.

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  1.       Lay it flat (or hang properly):  Ideally, you should lay it as flat as possible. If you must hang your dress, hang it by the loops located inside (never the shoulder straps) to avoid stretching and sagging at the seams. Every dress is specific, so ask the specialists at your boutique how it should be stored after the wedding.


  1.       Leave cleaning to the experts: This is a tricky process. One wrong move could set the stain and make it worse. Remember that sometimes the best course of action is to leave the spot until it can be professionally treated. It is important to remember not to trust just anyone with cleaning your wedding gown. While your local cleaners may be great at getting the stains out of your jeans, they may not have the experience and resources to clean antique dresses, delicate fabric and embellishments


  1.       Store the Wedding Dress in a Cool, Dark Place: Once the wedding dress has been properly cleaned, it is time to store it. Protect your dress from direct sunlight, which can quickly fade and turn the dress yellow. Aim for a cool, dark and dry environment with a relative humidity of 50 percent. Many women chose to store their dresses under their bed or in a dry closet.


  1.       Open the wedding dress bag with caution: Whether you are taking out your dress to examine its state, (the experts recommend taking it out every two to three years to refold it), eliminating the chance of permanent creases) or simply reminiscing with your loved ones, always handle it with proper care.


It is never too late to start your wedding gown preservation. While it is better to start sooner than later, we urge that, it is never too late to take care of a treasured heirloom. The groom can use the same wedding dress packing ideas as well.

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