Difference Between Lehenga and Ghagra

Difference Between Lehenga and Ghagra

We are sure that, like us, you too would have a close friend or a distant cousin's wedding to attend. And with so many functions and wedding parties, we believe it can become quite confusing to choose outfits for yourselves. Not to be presumptuous but a divinely stitched lehenga or a poofy traditional ghagra would definitely top the list for most of us when it comes to a dreamy attire, right?

But wait! Aren?t these two the same?

Well, they are NOT! Even the savviest of fashionistas may have confused the two iconic dress attires once or twice. But worry not ladies ? we are here to clear any confusions between Lehenga vs Ghagra.

A Traditional Lehenga

Popularly referred to as a lehenga-choli, this traditional attire has garnered a huge fan following over decades. Be it weddings, parties, or any other formal occasion ? a lehenga is a perfect fit for those looking for a glitzy look.

Lehenga refers to the bottom half of the ensemble. It is a skirt that generally sits around the waist and flares in an A-line shape. This helps accentuate your midsection, giving you a slender appearance. The lehenga is paired with a matching choli (blouse) and dupatta that can be beautifully draped in different styles to make a statement.

Depending on the fabric, the intricacy of embroidery and the quality of embellishment ? a lehenga is anything but simple. However, what makes it truly unique is the number of panels beautifully stitched together. The best way to dress up in a lehenga while keeping its essence in mind would be to accessorize the look well. With the lehenga, one can go for heavy accessories, such as jhumkas, jhoomar or even a kamarbandh!

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 A Classic Counterpart ? Ghagra

Up until the 20th century, regardless of class stature most women across the South Asian belt wore a ghagra. This 3-piece attire originated from India and soon became a cult favorite. The ghagra comprises chiefly of a loose skirt, with a matching blouse, and a dupatta that can also be styled in different ways. The skirt is usually flared and lightweight and comes in breathable fabric. This makes the ghagra an ideal choice for a semi-formal occasion. However, you can customize it for a more formal look by opting for expensive fabrics such as silk, chiffon, jamawar etc.

Accessorizing the ghagra is an equally important step. Since ghagras are light and are the preferred attire for occasions that are not too glamorous, the accessories need to be on similar lines. Go for a statement piece or simple earrings to help accentuate the look. Add a little modern touch and you are bound to turn heads.

 Confused between the two?

 First, both ghagra and lehenga are a safe bet!

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Lehengas come in a wider variety of cuts compared to the ghagra that comes only in the straight cut, although flared. If you want a more fitted look and want to channel in the royal vibes ? go for a lehenga. Comparatively, if you want to be relaxed yet want a subtle, chic vibe ? go for a ghagra. At Samsara Couture, you will find a team of talented designers and skilled artisans who work tirelessly to provide our clients with some of the best of couture Pakistan has to offer. To schedule a one-on-one appointment, contact us today.

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