An Expert's Six-Step Guide to Bridal Beauty during Coronavirus

An Expert's Six-Step Guide to Bridal Beauty during Coronavirus

We break down everything you need to do from six months out to the day of your wedding. You want to look your best on your wedding day, not just for your family, or for your groom, or even for the pictures. When you know all eyes will be on you, there is pressure to achieve flawless bridal beauty. Luckily, we have got you covered.

First comes love, then comes waxing appointments, manicures, half a dozen facials, and maybe a laser hair-removal session or two. Or not, of course. The fact is that how high- or low-maintenance you want to be about your wedding prep is as personal a choice as whom you choose to marry. But if you decide to go all in, we are here to help with the planning.

With these expert tips, you will definitely be looking your best when you say, "I do."

  1.   Make a dermatologist appointment

It's time to get serious about your skin care. Are acne, rosacea, or brown spots a concern? Many of the medications prescribed to treat such issues take time to show results. See a dermatologist to establish a daily protocol. This is also the perfect opportunity to commit to an at-home skincare routine. After all, who knows when you will be getting in for your next facial? Take advantage of this extra time to use regular masks, exfoliating treatments, moisturizers, and facial massages so that when the wedding rolls around, you will have smooth, hydrated skin.

  1.   Get Brows that WOW

Over plucked brows can take up to six months to regrow. If there has ever been a time to grow out your brows, this is it! Commit to putting the tweezers down and leaving your brows alone so that when your wedding comes around you have a fuller, more natural brow for your makeup artist to work with. Work with a specialist to create and shape the perfect arches (it may take several sessions).

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  1.     Schedule your initial hair and makeup consultations

Once you have found the dress, it is time to finalize your hair-and-makeup plan. Audition makeup artists, and work with your hair stylist to bring your vision to life. This should include a timeline for the cut, color, and styling prior to the big day. Bring pictures of your dress, accessories, and veil, even a swatch of fabric if you have one and as many inspiration images from Pinterest as possible.

  1.      Find Your Wedding Workout

Whether it’s toned arms or weight loss that you're after, don't go it alone. A few sessions with a trainer (or more, if you are so inclined) will help you refine your goals and ramp up your routine. Choose fish over steak and broccoli over French fries, and cut down on ice cream (or not—we're not here to judge).

  1.     Give Your Locks Some Love

You might not be getting in to see your stylist but that does not mean you need to be neglecting your locks. Skip the heat styling and embrace your natural hair texture for a while. Use protein treatments to add strength back to your hair and air dry whenever possible so that you take a break from potential heat damage.

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