There is so much to consider when crafting your perfect wedding look—from your hair to your shoes to everything in between. But if you are a Muslim bride with hijab, But if you are a Muslim bride with hijab, you’ve got yet another element to consider.

What Is a Hijab?

A hijab is a headscarf some Muslim women wear to cover their hair and chest in front of men that are not part of the immediate family. In the Islamic tradition, hijab means to cover your arms, neck, and legs and avoid tight or sheer clothing. Islamic wedding hijab style is also not one-size-fits-all and can vary based on culture and upbringing. Every woman who wears one often incorporates this piece of faith into her personal style, which means brides are likely to do the same.

Pakistani Bridal Hijab Styles

Hijab can be as diverse as the women who wear it. Some brides prefer a simple style while others go for a glamorous look. Instead of wearing a crown, have the hijab itself be your crown and that sparkling moment

Veil or Dupatta

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Hijab brides Pakistani have their own type of wedding dresses, which come with veils called dupatta that match the outfit. Traditionally, brides from the Indian subcontinent already cover their hair on their wedding day regardless of religion, which makes wearing a traditional lehenga very convenient. Brides will often decide to wear a lehenga with a matching dupatta to cover their hair and can pin the veil in a way that is suitable for how much coverage they need.

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Hooded Capes

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Some weddings are gender-segregated, so the bride only needs to cover her hair for a short period of time. In this case, brides often opt for hooded capes or a hooded poncho. Specialty bridal boutiques often sell hooded capes that can be as long as a veil but have a large hood that can be used to cover the hair. The capes, or ponchos, can also be made to look more formal by adding lace, fur, feathers, pearls, or any embellishments.

Turban Style

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Some brides prefer not to venture out and keep their hijab traditional. In this case, brides will have their hair done in an updo and hire a hijab stylist to tie their scarf. The hijab can be pinned to preserve the integrity of the hairstyle underneath or the stylist can add pleats, pearls, and layers to add volume and glamour.

Jeweled Hijabs

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Jeweled Hijabs are the best way to elevate run-of-the-mill outfits. They’re absolutely in trend right now and for all the right reasons. Royal Hijabs are a perfect fit if noble and dignified attires are a part of your flair, as they’re often decorated with precious gemstones. For a lighter and contemporary style, choose fluid fabrics like chiffons or georgettes and ornament them with minuscule stones or beads.

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Pakistani Bridal Hijab Design Tips

 Fabric Brides, whether they wear traditional white dresses or something more cultural, should buy fabric the complements the dress


When opting for a traditional white dress, it’s very important to find a hijab color that complements the dress.


If you are very particular about your color palette, just changing the texture of the different elements can make a huge difference. Having a satin mixed with chiffon or 3D flowers or different weights of fabric can add depth to the look so you’re not looking like a giant blob of one color.


The more you have to consider, the more time you’ll need. Brides should make sure they give themselves enough time to find not just the right color and fabric for the hijab but for any alterations, slips, and lining that might be needed. Sometimes it comes down to finding the right color or picking a fabric that is more formal dress. Samsara consists of some of the most talented personnel in the industry. We have successfully built a team of the most talented designers and most skilled craftsmen who work tirelessly to provide our clients with some of the best of couture Pakistan has to offer. Consult our fashion consultant for your perfect bridal look. Contact us today!
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