9 Tips for Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

9 Tips for Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

When thinking of online shopping, our minds never go directly to shopping for wedding dresses online. The idea sounds somewhat risky, doesn’t it? We are here to assure you that buying wedding dresses online is in fashion. From all over the world, brands have user friendly ecommerce stores for their global clientele, fast delivery and trustworthy customer service. One such luxury brand is Samsara

We are here to show you how to shop for affordable wedding dresses in Canada and all over Pakistan. Every woman dreams of an extravagant gown or lehenga for her wedding. What if we told you that those dreams will come true? Thanks to the rising trend of trusted online wedding dress sites, women are not shying away from buying their wedding dresses online

Every year, tons of blogs, magazines, and celebrity coverage has amazing Bridal fashion inspiration. We are all guilty of saving wedding inspirations to our Pinterest boards. But now, rather than running after appointments, why not choose an easier route? Wedding dress sites have ready to order bridal ranges with minimal alterations, which is the right way to go. With comfort and ease guaranteed, you can make your bridal dreams come true.

But before jumping into pinning down what to wear, let’s have a look at our ultimate guide for buying wedding dresses online. 

  • Choose your ideal silhouette 

The breathtaking wedding collection and designs can offer you multiple options for your personal style. Your first priority should be to cater your wedding dress mood board to match with your comfort, personality and style. Your bridal silhouette is just as important as your chosen thread work and beading. 

To us, a happy bride is the most beautiful. This is why when buying wedding dresses online, choose between fitted gowns, flowy traditional lehenga, fishtail maxi or floor length gharara. Once you have pinned your favourite silhouette, you can move onto colors, jewelry, designs, etc. 

  • Pin down your color palette

After your chosen silhouette, comes our favourite part: the color. The color of your wedding dress will dictate what hairstyle, makeup and jewelry you adorn. Rather than swooning over what your cousin wore or a certain celebrity, why not surf through ethereal wedding collections which have a variety of colors and themes fit for reception, Nikkah and Walima. 

  • Minimally chic or traditional glamour 

Wedding dress sites usually share high quality photography, social media posts, and runway shoots where you can see what designs are in fashion. In 2021, we have witnessed a comeback of traditional heavy thread work including gota, zardozi, use of intricate silver and golden thread work embellished on flowy silhouettes. But for our chic lovers, we also have options in beautiful chic cuts with mirror work, beaded lace and slick silhouette available in silver. Once your ideal design is covered, you can surf through affordable wedding dresses. You’re in good luck because there are amazing affordable wedding dresses you can find online in Canada.

Go for designers who fit your aesthetic 

When scrolling through trusted online wedding dress sites, you can have favourite designers but finding what fits your style is most important. Designers at Samsara cater to a wide variety of clients with different tastes and launch versatile collections. So, when you are looking to buy wedding dresses online, give yourself time to research Pakistani designers and their services. 

  • Prioritize your affordability 

It cannot be stressed enough that everyone has good reasoning for their big day. You are entitled to defining and limiting your bridal dress. We are here to cater to your bridal shopping experience online. Buying affordable wedding dresses online is now easier because different brands are catering to make all bride’s days special. 

  • Make a list of your options 

Once you have chosen your ideal wedding dress, design, chosen fabric, your venue, decor, and budget, now is the time to list down options for your wedding. Buying a wedding dress online does not have to be hectic if you follow this list. We are halfway there!

  • Trusted online wedding dress sites 

We know there are now hundreds of online wedding dress sites but on this magical journey, you need someone trustworthy. As a big investment, you deserve a safe and trustworthy user journey from adding to cart to receiving your order. Samsara prides itself on offering affordable wedding dresses online in Canada and everywhere else. 

  • Manage your expectations 

Once you have ordered your dreamy bridal dress, the waiting game starts. You need to make sure that once you receive your dress, you are not comparing it to edited pictures of the catalogue. Luxury brands, however, always meet expectations of their clients and oftentimes, their dresses look as if they are made for their client herself. Make sure that you choose your fashion partner wisely. 

  • On time delivery 

Lastly, our guide on how to buy a dress online has to offer another advice to our brides-to-be is to make sure their wedding dress arrives weeks before their big day. It is imperative that while you are figuring out how to buy a dress, you have set a date weeks prior to the big day, so you can make alterations if needed. All in all, we think our guide to buying wedding dresses online will make you feel more confident in your online spree. 

Samsara is a connoisseur in luxurious designs weaved into contemporary and traditional styles to celebrate femininity. Our designers and tailors are masters in intricate thread work and adding panache and opulence to their client’s style. 

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